Crematorium Daelhof

Access & parking

The crematorium is easily accessible by car, by public transport, by bike or on foot. Find more information below.

By car

Daelhof is located in Cargovil, near the vehicle inspection station. During peak hours, coming from Willebroek, Londerzeel, Opwijk or Merchtem, it is often time-saving to drive via Wolvertem and/or Grimbergen and ‘Verbrande Brug’.

Parking is free. There is an underground car park with 150 parking lots, providing direct access to the building. The underground car park is rarely full, even when many cars are already parked on the ‘Erasmuslaan’. For persons with reduced mobility, there are parking lots close to the elevator. Daelhof also has an outdoor car park with a (limited) capacity of 50 parking spaces. You are also allowed to park in the Erasmuslaan, as long as you keep the footpaths free and road signs are respected.

By public transport

The crematorium is easy to reach using bus line 280, which stops at the Vilvoorde train and bus station. The nearest stop is ‘Erasmuslaan’ – approximately 400 metres from the crematorium. Getting off the bus, with the roundabout in front of you, you should turn right and walk to the end of the street. There you turn left, the crematorium is on the right side at the end of the road.

For more information on the bus lines and timetables, please go to

By bike or on foot

A cycling/walking path connects Daalweg directly with the crematorium. Daalweg can be reached via Grimbergsesteenweg/Eppegemsesteenweg (which is the connecting road between Verbrande Brug and Eppegem).

Underground, there is indoor parking space for cyclists near the stairs and the elevator leading to the welcome hall. A second bike rack can be found close to the main entrance.

Do you have a question or are there still uncertainties?

Do not hesitate to contact us, Crematorium Daelhof is there to help you.