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Funeral ceremonies

Funeral ceremonies at crematorium Daelhof take place in a a peaceful and serene location, ideal for a respectful farewell and for meeting relatives and friends of a loved one.

Usually, the farewell funeral ceremonies precede the cremation, but it is also possible to organise a ceremony with the urn (after the cremation) or even without a cremation.

Visitors are welcomed in the central reception area, where they can await the start of the funeral ceremony. When these funeral ceremonies begin, the attendees are guided into one of the three auditoriums (differently sized).

Daelhof also has two separate rooms, hosting quietly the closest family members, prior to a ceremony. At the end of the funeral ceremony, relatives of the deceased can be greeted in the condolence room adjacent to the auditorium.

Funeral ceremonies at Crematorium Daelhof can take place in 3 auditoriums which are fully equipped with audiovisual material. Aula 1 has room for 180 seated and 180 standing visitors, Aula 2 has 80 seats and 80 standing places. In Aula 3 you can say farewell in an intimate circle, this room has a capacity of 20 to 25 people.

When an exceptionally large number of visitors are expected for a ceremony, the reception hall can also be reserved (after joint consultation obviously). Visitors can then follow the funeral ceremony in the reception area on a large screen.

All auditoriums are equipped with a large projection screen and an excellent sound system. This allows you to make the ceremony more personal. Additionally, Aula 1 and Aula 2 have a fixed recording camera, which makes it possible to make a video recording of the ceremony, for persons who were not able to attend the funeral, or as a reminder to the deceased.

In general, the duration of a ceremony depends on the content (texts, music, projection, etc.) and the expected number of visitors.

Relatives of a deceased can personally decide on the content, the duration and the scenario of the funeral ceremony. Music can be played through the BOSE sound system or with live musicians. The crematorium has an extensive music collection from which you can choose the music that you would like. Personal CDs or music files must be delivered 24 hours in advance (the latest). You can read your own individual texts or you can have them read by Daelhof staff or even by an external presenter of your choice. You are invited to bring photos or videos for projection, and you are also allowed to bring personal items or symbols to be placed on the coffin or the urn during the ceremony.

The employees of Daelhof can put together a customised ceremony, and can write personal texts for you that tell the life story of the deceased. Our employees work in Dutch but are also fluent in French, English, German, Italian and Spanish.

Every religious belief can count on the utmost respect in the crematorium. The ’Christelijke Begeleiding’ service can assist with Catholic farewell ceremonies if desired, the ‘Huis van de Mens’ can lead liberal humanistic ceremonies. You are also free to choose your own speaker(s), for example a family member or a professional ritual counselor

Our experience shows that relatives are happy to receive some suggestions and ideas when preparing a farewell ceremony for a loved one. It is our pleasure to help you and discuss with you your wishes and our options. We can also take care of practical aspects such as pre-testing of image and sound. Don’t hesitate to call the crematorium to make an appointment with one of our staff members.

The ceremonies always start at the exact time as announced. Exceptionally, it may happen that this is being delayed for a few minutes due to unforeseen and/or practical circumstances, but we can assure you that our employees make every effort to start on time.

A golden tip: leave on time. Ideally, the closest family members are present 20 to 30 minutes prior to the ceremony, other visitors should be there 15 minutes in advance. On some days a lot of visitors come to Daelhof, so try to take that into account. We also advise you to check the traffic and your travel time during rush hour.

Do you have a question or are there still uncertainties?

Do not hesitate to contact us, Crematorium Daelhof is there to help you.