Crematorium Daelhof

Crematorium Daelhof

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In early 2015 the ‘old crematorium of Vilvoorde’ was re-located to Eppegem in a new modern building less than a kilometer from the old crematorium The new Crematorium Daelhof is , The name Daelhof refers to a farmhouse that used to stand on this spot.

The new building has a timeless architecture and an open character. It is a meeting place that offers a warm welcome to visitors of all ages and from different backgrounds. Although the spaces in the building are flooded with daylight, they do have a sober, modern design, which creates quite a special but serene atmosphere, suitable for a proper and dignified farewell.

Due to its location next to the nature reserve Dorent-Nelebroek, the building is surrounded by natural meadows and trees, which creates a pleasant, calming environment.

The Daelhof crematorium aims to provide a relaxed and informal environment for friends and relatives of the deceased. Our friendly, multilingual staff will do everything possible to make each farewell experience unique and personal..

Crematorium Daelhof respects age-old traditions but can also offer a contemporary approach. Our staff are there to help you choose a funeral for your loved one that you will feel comfortable with.

We can assist you with the format of the cremation service or ceremony, whether it be the choice of readings, music or photographic images, as well as meeting your catering needs following the event. Our aim is to ensure that a day, essentially marked by loss and sadness, runs smoothly and worry-free.

Crematorium Daelhof is operated by the intermunicipal association Havicrem, a partnership of 26 municipalities in Vlaams-Brabant.

Do you have a question or are there still uncertainties?

Do not hesitate to contact us, Crematorium Daelhof is there to help you.

Crematorium Daelhof is a quiet and peaceful place where people can pay their last respects to a loved one. We can offer you the time and the space for a personal farewell and we can assist you, together with a funeral undertaker of your choice, in an important part of the funeral. Daelhof wants to offer affordable and high-quality services, tailored to the wishes of the bereaved and the deceased. Since 2015, the activities of the crematorium have been housed in a building, located on the outskirts of Eppegem, close to Vilvoorde and Grimbergen and adjacent to the Dorent-Nelebroek nature reserve.

In the period between the death of a loved one, be it a family member or a friend, and the cremation and farewell ceremony, a considerable number of administrative formalities and practical issues need to be addressed. We would advise you to hire a funeral director (undertaker). The undertaker will be able to assist you in both arranging the funeral, and also the many practical and legal matters that need to be attended to.
In addition, a number of authorities must also be informed.

Daelhof has three auditoriums of various sizes. All three are equipped with a professional audiovisual installation. In consultation with Daelhof staff, relatives can personally determine the content, the duration and the design of a farewell ceremony. Daelhof Crematorium is open to all religious beliefs and none. Our multilingual staff members are ready to lead and also provide you with a customised ceremony. If you prefer, you may also appoint your own pastor or non- religious leader to guide the service or ceremony.

Crematorium Daelhof offers families and relatives the opportunity to hold a reception after the funeral service/ceremony. The reception rooms are in in a peaceful setting overlooking woodland . The crematorium has five reception rooms, Each with a seating capacity for 50 persons. A system of modular walls enable us to transform several rooms into a larger space for up to 200 people. Daelhof offers various catering options including a standing drinks reception classic coffee tables, and cold buffets.